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Here are some great ways to get fit in the fresh air!

  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Absolute Beginners Running Courses
  • Early Bird Bootcamp
  • Bleep Tests

Bristol Group Fitness Classes


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Exercising in a group environment is a fun and cost effective way of keeping fit and meeting new people. Currently the majority of the classes are run outdoors so you also benefit from some fresh air! Click on the video to see what we do.


The classes are run in various parks in Bristol and in all weathers so dont be surprised if you get a bit wet and muddy! No shouting, swearing or screaming instructiors, just encouragment, motivation and enthusiasm from Dave.

Sessions are designed to focus on all the major muscle groups as well as working your heart and lungs. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels and ages so whether your a beginner or an exercise veteran you wont feel out of place.

Be prepared to have some fun and meet new people, we've even been known to have the occasional social evening too!


Monday 18:30- 19:15 Victoria Park, Totterdown, Bristol

Tuesday 12:30-1:15pm Brandon Hill, Bristol

Wednesday 18:30-19:15, Victoria Park, Totterdown, Bristol

Thursday 19:00-10:45 Greville Smyth Park, Ashton, Bristol

Friday 18:30-19:15 Victoria Park, Totterdown, Bristol

Saturday 7:00-8:00am, Greville Smyth Park, Ashton, Bristol

Saturday 8:30-9:30am, Victoria Park, Totterdown, Bristol

Each session costs £5.

Not sure if its for you? Come for a FREE trial session?

Scroll down to see a map of each venue and check the Testimonial page to see what Venue magazine has to say about the classes!

Zero to 5K Hero Running Course

Have you tried running but given up through lack of motivation or confidence? Fed up of going out with the best of intentions but not reaching your goal? If this is you how about 12 running sessions with a small group of people, all supervised by a Personal Trainer who will take you from being an absolute novice to completing a distance of only 6 weeks?

What's involved

We are lookng for a maximum of 8 people to join our course. This small number will allow us to keep a close eye on you during the sessions so you wont get lost in the crowd.

The sessions will be a mix of walking and jogging. As the course progresses your walking time will decrease and your run time will increase and of course the distance you are able to cover will progress during the 12 sessions.

Where and When

Sessions will be held on a Wednesday and Friday evening 6:15-7:00pm, meeting at Greville Smyth park in Ashton. 

Start date is Wednesday 22nd May.

Cost is £70. 

What do you get

1. 12 sessions under the guidance and expertise of a fully qualified Personal Trainer with vast experience in running.

2. A 6 week training plan to assist with your overall fitness and conditioning.

3. A nutrition plan to make sure you are eating the right things

4. Free Trial sessions at various fitness classes (further details can be obtained on application)

So if you like what you have read and want to book a place then get in touch an you could be one of the lucky 8!

Early Morning & Early Evening Bootamps & More!

3 sessions a week over 4 weeks of challenging but fun sessions. Each Bootcamp starts at 6:30am and finish at 7:15am.

They're a mix of non equipment and equipment based exercises.

All this is carried out in a challenging but sensible environment and is suitable for all levels of fitness and if after you have completed your 12 sessions your not satisfied there is a no quibble money back guarantee!

Here are some kind words from previous attendees...

"I am not built for fitness in any shape or form however this bootcamp really does fit all sizes! I was made to feel very welcome and all abilities were catered for. Depsite the early starts out breaks of laughter were heard and we all battled on with a huge variety of Dave's evil tasks......did I mention the sledge hammer and tyres?! It has really boosted my own fitness and have managed to lose the best part of 21 lbs in 4 weeks! No matter what your fitness level have a go, you will feel so much better for it, meet some great people and get to wield a sledge hammer!!" Emily

"I signed up for the Early Bird Bootcamp in September 10 and haven't regretted it for a minute. I even started to look forward to the 6.30am starts - and even more so to that feeling of achievement when you realise you've done a serious work out before most people have crawled out of bed. The sessions are varied and challenging but suitable for any level of fitness. Dave is really good at encouraging you to push yourself further and further...but manages to do it in a way that makes you smile through the pain!" Laura


Check out our sister website for times and dates


Bleep Test - How Aerobically Fit Are You?

It involves continuously running between two lines 20m apart in time to recorded beeps. After approx 1 minute you move up to the next level where the length of time between each beep reduces which results in you having to increase your running speed to reach the line.

Your involvement in the test ends when you are unable to reach the line on 3 consecutive attempts.

The level you reach can be used to measure your current aerobic fitness level.

We will warm up and stretch before the test begins.

Test costs only £5. Get in touch to find out more and register your place at the next one.


Outdoor Fitness Park Locations

Victoria Park
Entrance is on Hill Avenue, opposite Margate Street, Totterdown.

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Portishead Lake Grounds
Meeting Point in the Lake Grounds Car Park, close to the Cafe

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Entrance is on Bishopthorpe Road

View Larger Map

Salthouse Fields, Clevedon
Meet in the park on the ‘Old Church Road’ side

View Larger Map

Clifton Downs
Meeting point by the Cafe close to the Water Towerr

View Larger Map

Greville Smyth Park
Entrance is on Ashton Road, Ashton

View Larger Map

Eastville Park, Bristol
Meeting point - entrance on Fishponds Rd, opposite Queens Head

View Larger Map

Grove Sports Centre

View Larger Map

Page Park
Meet at main gate on South View Road

View Larger Map

Arnos Vale Park
Meeting at the park entrance on King's Road

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