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We train a variety of clients, with different goals and needs. You too could be sharing the same experiences!

"Since starting my Personal Training 6 months ago, I am a different person in many ways. My body has changed shape for the better and I have dropped 2 dress sizes! I feel more motivated to exercise, now that I have a variety of exercise programmes. Before, I used to dread my exercise routine but now I can't wait for it to begin. It is not all about the exercise, Dave has given me very good nutrition advice which helps keep the pounds off. Overall Dave is firm but fair and definitley gets the best out of me and I cannot recommend him highly enough!"
Joanne, Westbury On Trym.

"In his Personal Training Dave, provides a great balance of encouraging friend and drill instructor. Always looking to improve performance but careful not to over-extend. The sessions are easily the fastest 60 mins of my week; well paced and enjoyable."
Richard & Liz, Barrow Gurney

"Having been a yo yo diet and fitness splurger over the years, my sessions have taught me a great deal about fitness levels, exercise and healthy eating, I now feel an increased vigour and am using my gym time more effectively...and in turn have toned up, no more bingo wings for me!! I have noticed a definate change in my body shape, which I'm maintaing with the sessions in the comfort of my own home. Thanks!"
Sadie, Brislington

"After an over indulgent Christmas, I felt that I reached an all time low, physically and mentally I was no longer the same person. I had always been quite active but as a result of a new and very demanding job I did next to nothing for nearly a year when it came to exercise.

I called Calon Personal Training and arranged to meet with a Personal Trainer to discuss my goals and expectations. After our first consultation a tailored program was created for my needs, combining a regular intensive exercise plan with daily nutrition targets. Since then I have lost nearly a stone and a half of fat, increased my muscular strength and endurance considerably and I look a whole lot better too (no more beer belly for me!), and all of this in only 3 months.

I would have no problem recommending Calon Personal Training to anyone who is serious about changing their lifestyle.

Leon , Redland

"As a particularly reluctant trainee I now have to admit to a certain degree of enjoyment from my three times a week training sessions. The sessions are training and I am impressed by the way my body has toned up and the increase in my fitness level. I have no hesitation in recommending him.......he brooks no nonsense but is motivating and good company"
Diana, Wraxall

"...an exceptional personal trainer - he motivates and enthuses,treading just the right line between starting from 'where you are' and gently pushing you on.  My husband and I went from total unfitness to climbing mount Kinabulu (biggest mountain in South East Asia) in 6 weeks! We'd never have done it without him".
Julie, Radstock

"I have never had a personal training session before, I have always been fairly self-motivated and to be honest thought they were quite expensive, I would rather have a new pair of shoes instead! However I do now see the benefit and can certainly recommend him! I was amazed at how many different parts of the body can be worked on and can be set up anywhere. The hour passed really quickly and if the muscle pain the next day was anything to go by was an effective use of time!"
Karen Purchase

“When I first started training with Dave I was over 21 stone, with a Body Fat percentage of 32% which classed me as clinically obese. I lacked any real energy and hardly did any exercise. 4 months later and I’m down to under 17 stone, a drop of 4 stone in total and by Body Fat is 16% which is medically classed as healthy! I’m well on my way to my target. All my clothes are too big for me and my energy levels have soared. I love exercising and all my friends and family have commented on how much better I look. Dave has encouraged my all the way and I look forward to our sessions where I know I’ll be challenged. I never want to go back to the body shape I was and I know that with Dave’s help I won’t!”
Ed, Clevedon

"...I must confess I have never had so much fun at that time on a Saturday morning. Everyone was lovely. Dave got us doing star jumps, press ups, even something called the plank - all in the fresh air. You finish feeling perky and energised, plus you get to know people you share the city with, who you'd normally just pass in the street..."
Venue Magazine, no 871, June 2009.

"mixing fitness and fun is a tricky job, but cheery Dave comes closer than most with his park-based circuit sessions. The formula is simple: get out in the open air and do an hour's exercise in a friendly and supportive environment, the classes offer a good mix of running and exercises, meaning your lungs and muscles get an equal workout. Dave also does a good job of ensuring that both absolute beginners and fitness fanatics are catered for in the same class. An excellent way to get fit and make friends"
Henry N

"If anyone had told me 6 months ago that I would be doing crunches in a wet park I would have laughed! Dave's unique brand of humour and variety of exercises challenges all levels whilst the group exercise encourages you to battle on ....even on the wet grass! I am new to regular exercise and have lots of weight to lose and too be honest was apprehensive about trying this class but how wrong could was I! No one judges you, its a fun atmosphere and Dave will always find an equally evil exercise if the one he has set is not attainable....there is no escape!! I dare you to try it, you will get hooked!